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They’re all gone now.  

Tommy Ramone passed on earlier today.

The above clip is from forty years ago.

Adios amigos, indeed.

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If you wanna apply for a job but you already have a pretty decent job but you just wanna move up/do more what is the protocol w references?

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Like ok just wanna say one thing because I work at a physical real church “house of god” whatever and my employer would never take away my access to reproductive health. Granted it’s a pretty cool church that cares about queer rights and ending poverty and stuff like that. But the archdiocese for the state of NY put out a letter during that debacle with Sandra fluke that came out in support of personal liberties re: contraception, EC, abortion, etc. Like real people who are actual Christians who wear collars and give sermons daily. So hobby lobby and all their cronies in govt can stop pretending this is about religious freedom. This is about controlling women’s lives.

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They’re all THE BEST

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i wanna hav s*x

sax? ha ha right on

hit it bill 


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I’ve reblogged this at least ten times since 2009 ok


I’ve reblogged this at least ten times since 2009 ok

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Anonymous said: dating advice?


everybody is an enormous waste of time 

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